Get Involved | Second Chance Bird Rescue in west coast division, bend, OR


Those wishing to support Second Chance Bird Rescue can do so via numerous means. We accept monetary contributions, as well as toys and bird food. Please view the donate page for more information. You can also adopt a bird from SCBR. Those unable to adopt a bird can sponsor one of the birds in the rescue. Last, but not least, Second Chance Bird Rescue could use your help within the rescue. Those desiring to help first hand can complete the Volunteer Application and email.
Things to consider:

  • Adoption provides a bird a second chance
  • Birds require regular avian veterinary care
  • Birds thrive on attention, and will do anything to get yours
  • Not all parrots talk!  While many may eventually learn to mimic or talk, it is not certain yours will
  • A parrot can live for 50 years and beyond; a pet that will require care for many years to come


Birds – Birds – Birds Are My Life. The feathered friends that are surrendered have a special place in my heart. Some are abused, lonely, stressed, and need love, care and rehabilitation. Each bird has a personality and character of their own. These are loving birds needing a good home. Karrie Hathaway and I started this Bird Rescue & Rehab to provide a safe haven for unwanted birds and to connect these birds with a good home.