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In order to proceed with your application, please confirm that you are available to begin the interview process and adoption process within the 72-hour timeframe. The rescue organization has a tight timeline, and time spent on potential adopters who are not ready may result in a parrot losing its forever home to a potential adopter who is ready.
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I/We understand Second Chance Bird Rescue will not ship any parrot. *Moreover, I/We understand that meet and greeting of adoptable parrots are Mandatory. I/We understand that we must live in Oregon or Washington State to adopt any parrot.
* To Confirm Again ...*Yes... I/ we are prepared to Meet a Parrot within 72 hours.
Date / Time
I/We understand that we are required to drive to Bend Oregon, for our Mandatory meet and Greet of any available Parrot
** I/we understand if we have Not SELECTED A PARROT from the website, we will Not BE CONTACTED.**
I/ we understand that we are only allowed to submit ONE application to adopt within 6 months of today's date. I/We understand if we don't select a parrot from the available list that we will NOT be contacted.
I / We understand that Second Chance Bird Rescue prefers to rehome our parrots primarily as companions for humans, not for companions for another parrot
I / We understand that Second Chance Bird Rescue most likely will Not rehome a parrot in a home with children under the age of 18. *Unless specified in the description that the parrot is safe for a home with children.
I / We understand that Second Chance Bird Rescue prefers to rehome our parrots in homes with 4 or less medium or large parrots or other inside animals
I / We understand that Second Chance Bird Rescue -* PREFERS to rehome our parrots with adopters with the minimum of 1 year, proven medium or large parrot experience - Not mandatory - *Although preferable*
I understand that I must be a minimum 26 years or older to apply to adopt. Also I understand that I must be one of the heads of the household.
What is your age range
I/ We understand that Second Chance Bird Rescue will not place a parrot with anyone over the age of 65, with out having 2 confirmed Approved backup Parrot Guardians'.
You're seeking a parrot for:
I / We understand that the person applying to adopt- MUST Be the person Submitting this Application or near you during submission;
Most parrots only prefer a handler of a certain gender, please select what best fits the primary handler:
Your Name
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Your physical Address
Best time to call you?
Are you the head of your household?
Type of home?
Do you own or rent?
What are you looking for from your parrot?
Have you selected a parrot from the website?
I understand that I must select a parrot from the website to adopt to be contacted for an appointment
Please select just one parrot or one bonded pair of parrots from our website.
In the event of any emergency. We will provide you with 1 month of free boarding. *All of our adopters need one LOCAL PERSON - That is within 1 hour radius of your home as your local Parrot guardian who lives close to you. Please enter your designated guardians information below
Guardian's Address
Are you aware that parrots at times can be extremely vocal?
Do any members of your household object to you adopting a parrot?
Do you have parrot experience
If you have parrot experience, how much parrot experience do you have
Do any members of your household smoke or vape? Please be honest, the health of our parrots is very important to us.
Do you have other pets?
Have you had any medium or large parrots in the past?
Veterinarians Address
You are aware there is a rehoming/adoption fee payable to the SCBR Parrot Rescue?
I/ We understand that adoption fees vary with every parrot. This is based on different factors such as: Age/ Condition / Tameness/ mimicking abilities and more...
Do you feel you are financially able to provide for a bird/parrot's needs in terms of Veterinarian costs, food, housing, toys, grooming, etc.?
Upon your approved application & Meet & Greet. What area do you plan to have your newly adopted parrot live at?
Are you willing to keep your home at a temperature that suits the needs of your bird whether or not you're at home?
Are you aware that there is no such thing as a quiet parrot?
Are you aware that there is no such thing as a parrot that does not bite or nip at times?
Are you aware that exotic birds are capable of destroying property?
Are you aware that exotic birds are very messy in terms of droppings and food splattering?
Do you know that exotic birds NEED and REQUIRE a lot of attention and care?
*Are you aware that behavioral modification may take years of patience and consistency to build a relationship of trust and companionship?
I/we understand that our application Will Be DENIED TO If you have misrepresented yourself on this application
Do you work from home
If you work away from home, how many hours a Week do you work
Do you happen to work in any of these professional fields;
I/we are prepared and ready to adopt within 72 hours...